Spa Safety

Rock Barn Country Club & Spa has always held the safety and comfort of our members, guests, and staff as a top priority. COVID-19 has made it necessary for us to amend many of our current operating procedures. These changes are necessary to ensure our guests feel safe and protected during their Spa experience. It is with these challenges in mind that the following procedures have been implemented. 

  • Reservations are required for all Spa services. We encourage you to schedule your appointments early by calling the Spa at (828) 459-9150, or visting  

Face Masks


All Spa staff, whether vaccinated or not, are required to wear a face mask while working at the Spa. 

Spa Guests

Face masks are not mandatory for guests. For your safety, however, if you have not been vaccinated, we encourage you to wear a mask unless you have health issues that could be exacerbated by doing so, receiving a spa service where wearing a mask is not feasible, or enjoying the Hydrotherapy area, sundeck, or salt room. 

Vaccinations - Employees and Guests

The decision to be vaccinated is a personal choice and vaccinations are not mandated for our employees or guests. We do not ask for proof of vaccinations. 

Service Providers

While some of our staff have chosen to voluntarily disclose their vaccination status at the Spa, we believe this falls under the category of medical information and is kept confidential.  Therefore, the Spa is not able to respond to requests from guests for a service provider who has been vaccinated.  As a guest of the Spa you do have the right to ask a service provider if he or she has been vaccinated, but that service provider is under no obligation to respond. 

The Spa is currently booking appointments. To view our services and book online, visit: or call (828) 459-9150. We appreciate your support and understanding as we work together to provide a safe Spa environment for guests and staff.