Club Directory

For Reception, call (828) 459-1125. Click here to see the direct line for each department.

Business Office
Brad Ellinger, CCM
General Manager
Flame Deal
Spa Operations Director
Ben St. John
Clubhouse Manager
Joyce Boston
Executive Chef
Clubhouse Reception/Lodging
Bobbi Christopher
Front Desk Receptionist
Membership Director
Rock Barn Realty
Mary Smith
Broker in Charge
Champ's Bistro
Fine Dining
Rocker's Lounge
Casual Contemporary Dining
Fresh Chef
Casual Dining
Lyle Creek Grill (Seasonal)
Golf Course Snack Bar
Golf Pro Shop
Golf Pro Shop - Main
Greg Glover
Director of Golf
The Spa at Rock Barn
The Spa at Rock Barn - Main
Spa Reception/Appointments
Flame Deal
Spa Operations Director
The Spa Café
Tennis, Fitness & Pool
Taylor Kalister
Director of Tennis
Tennis Pro Shop - Main
Shanda Hedrick
Director of Fitness
Pool Pavilion Café (Seasonal)
Margaret Ann Luman
Design and Marketing