Group Events at the Spa
Host your holiday party, corporate event, or birthday party at the spa! There is a required 22% gratuity applied to groups of five (5) or more upon check-out. Please keep in mind that all bookings are first come, first served, and we do get booked up fairly quickly. 

A facility, maintenance, or admin fee (also known as a facility fee) will be added to the total bill (with the exception of retail purchases) to offset increased vendor, maintenance, credit card processing fees, and product expenses.

To rent the spa for private events after hours or during the day, contact:
The Spa Operations Director, Flame Deal, Office: 828-459-3618, Mobile : 646-520-5525 or email: [email protected] 
Tylee Punch , Group Booking Supervisor , [email protected], cell : 704-838-9416 

Fill out the information below to submit your inquiry about a group event. 
We will need the following:
•        All parties first and last names, email, and telephone number (or we can use one email and phone, as long as all the guests views and understand the policy)
• One valid credit card for holding purposes. We do require a 50% deposit, and if you are using your card to book, then the deposit will be attached to your name and service. You may choose to apply that deposit towards your services, or you may use a different payment option upon check-out, and we will refund you the deposit.

Once we have received your information, we’ll send you an itinerary along with a pre-order menu.
We also require a pre-ordered café menu to be sent no later than seven (7) days prior to your appointment by 6pm.
Once you have sent in your CC information with the deposit and your names and are ready to book, we will send you a café menu to select from, or you may visit our website at

Group Payment Process Policy:
Your credit card authorization must be received within 24 hours to secure your group’s reservations. 
50% of the total group services are due upon receiving the credit card authorization form. 
The other 50% (including facility fees and taxes) will be due on the date of service. 
Failure to send proper information will invalidate reservations & credit card authorization. 
If you select to depart from Rock Barn Country Club & Spa without completing your payment requirements, we will charge the authorized credit card for the full amount of your total charges and/or damages, if applicable. 
• A group gratuity of 22% is expected for parties of five or more, and it will be divided between our servers, spa floor personnel, and service providers. If you would like to tip extra (on top of the required 22%) to certain providers or staff, then you may do so by indicating it to our front desk staff. 
Upon booking, please indicate MALE, FEMALE, OR NO PREFERENCE for all masses. 
You will receive an itinerary after the booking process has been completed; please check your spam folder if you did not receive it in your email. You will also receive a confirmation number for your group and everyone in the group. 

Once we have received all the needed documents, you will receive a confirmation booking number. This confirms your reservation. Please check your spam box for all spa emails and confirmations.

Guests can check out and pay individually, or you may charge one card. If your group is checking out individually, it will take longer than checking out in a group. Please be patient with our staff as we help you with this process.


Must have 5 or more to be considered a group event.

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