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"Sometimes you have to let go, and have a Spa Day" 

A 50% deposit is required when booking your appointment. A valid credit card must be presented when booking. If an individual, or groups of 4 or less, cancels or reschedules BEFORE OR AT 5pm THREE DAYS prior to their appointment, they will receive their deposit back. Cancellations or reschedules PAST 5pm, THREE days prior to appointment, the deposit will be lost. Groups of 5 or more must call to cancel or reschedule BEFORE OR AT 5 pm SEVEN DAYS prior to their appointment in order to recieve deposit back.

You are required to have a valid I.D.    Upon checkout, you will be asked to show your ID to verify that you are the rightful cardholder.   We will not accept any other signatures / verification except for the authorization of the card holder on site.  We will not accept another card holder’s card without the owner present and with a valid I.D on site. The only person authorized to sign the receipt is the card holder on site. ‚Äč

Please fill out the form below to request information from The Spa at Rock Barn. For additional information, call (828) 459-9150 or visit 

The inquiry form is not a confirmed reservation. Online booking is available! On our Spa Services page, service descriptions and pricing can be viewed by clicking on the service type beside the triangle:


Used to determine availability; inquiry is not a reservation request.