The Golf Academy

Adult Programs

Getting Started

1-Hour Evaluation. All Students at the Rock Barn Golf Academy start with a 1-Hour Evaluation. In our first meeting we discuss your goals and where you would like to see improvement. We use video analysis to take an in depth look into your swing. We will design a game plan to get you on the path to better golf!

Birdie Program

5 Hours of Instruction. Ideal for a golfer looking to tweak some major issues, the Birdie Program gives you and your coach the opportunity to look at your game, and address any major flaws, and come up with a plan of attack without forcing too much information in a short time frame.

Par Program

3 Hours of Instruction. For someone looking to maintain the level of golf they are currently playing at, or for making some minor changes to an already solid game, the Par Program provides an opportunity to make improvements to your game without making drastic changes.

Play with the Pro

9 Holes. This is the perfect program for the golfer looking to get lower scores from their round by better understanding the course management techniques used by the game’s greatest players. Would you like to score better even on those days when you are not hitting the ball that well? You will learn shot evaluation, target selection, and how to establish an effective pre-shot routine and improve your shot execution.

The information will be covered in a small group environment. This class has a low student/teacher ratio of 3:1. With the Pros guidance through playing 9 holes on the course, you will finally learn how to manage your game and improve your scores.

Rock Barn Members receive 25% Discount on all Adult Programs. All 1-Hour Lessons include Video Analysis.

Junior Programs

Junior Lessons

Individual lessons for your son or daughter is the best way for your child to receive 1 on 1 attention in a fun environment. Meant for players of all skill levels from a beginner to college level competitors, private lessons help to develop and hone skills for the entire game. Beginner or younger players should start with ½ hour lessons, progressing towards 1 hour lessons as they develop and age.

Junior Camps

Junior camps are a great way to introduce your child to golf in a fun, social environment or for to improve and enhance skills for a more advanced player. Kids will learn the basics of golf in a game based format, maximizing learning retention and learning necessary skills to play golf into the future.

Junior Academy

The Rock Barn Junior Academy meets once a week for the younger players and twice a week for the more advanced player during the summer. During the off season all ages meet once a week. With the more devoted child in mind, the Junior Academy develops your young golfer and sets the foundation for him or her to develop into the best golfer they can be. From playing games on the range, to learning rules, to playing on course, the Academy is the best way for your child to learn the game and play it for the rest of their lives. In addition, the option of including private lessons into the plan can really help progress a child’s development.

PGA Junior League

Rock Barn’s PGA Junior League Golf Team is a great way to introduce a child into the realm of competitive play while keeping it as a fun, team based sport. Played as a 2 – man captain’s choice, PGA Junior League allows a child to get the feel for competition against children of roughly the same age and any skill level. By pairing up a weaker player with a stronger one, children can learn and watch a better player play the game while helping out to win their match against teams of other golf courses and clubs.

Catawba Valley Junior Golf Tour

The CVGJ Tour is the next step up for kids to compete from PGA Junior League. Played at different courses in the Hickory, NC area, they offer different age groups for children to compete as individuals against children of the same age. With age groups starting at 10 year olds, CVJG gives young children a chance to get a feel for individual stroke play competition.

Advanced Junior Golf

There are many options available for the higher level junior golfers. From tours like the National Junior Golf Tour that play all over the Carolinas to the ultra-competitive American Junior Golf Association, that play all across the country and include a few international events. The staff at Rock Barn Golf Academy will work with your child to figure out what is in their best interest.

Rock Barn Members Recieve a 10% discount on all Junior Programs.  All 1 - Hour Lessons include Video Analysis.